Patient Relationship Management: A CRM Approach to Patient Care

  • AK Mohiuddin Department of Pharmacy, World University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh.
Keywords: CRM; Patient Communication; Patient Satisfaction; Patient Reminder; Compliance; Counseling; Patient Motivation; Patient Participation, Patient Engagement.


In the business world, customer relationship management is used to retain customer loyalty in order to increase revenue. Healthcare organizations can build the same kind of relationship with patients, and it can also offer more tangible benefits. The first benefit is by using the same hospital a patient’s treatment history should be relatively well known by the organization. Oftentimes, different hospitals use different patient information systems which are not always compatible with each other. If a patient keeps changing the hospital, his or her medical record can be scattered around various sites. Ideally, if the patient is treated by the same physician in every visit, that physician will get more familiar with the patient, which could improve treatment.  The most tangible benefit, however, is time. If the patient goes to the same physician every time, there is no need for long check-ups at the beginning of each visit.