An overview on microspheres

  • Bib Dolma Gurung Himachal Institute of Pharmacy, Paonta Sahib, H.P., India
  • Satinder Kakar Himachal Institute of Pharmacy, Paonta Sahib, H.P., India
Keywords: Microspheres, controlled, polymer, multiparticulate.


Microspheres are multiparticulate drug delivery systems which are prepared to obtain prolonged or controlled drug delivery to improve bioavailability, stability and to target the drug to specific site at a predetermined rate. They are made from polymeric waxy or other protective materials such as natural, semi synthetic and synthetic polymers. Microspheres are characteristically free flowing powders having particle size ranging from 1-1000 μm consisting of proteins or synthetic polymers. . The present review highlights various types of microspheres, different methods of preparation, its applications and also various parameters to evaluate their efficiency. Microspheres are various types like Bioadhesive microspheres, Magnetic microspheres, Floating microspheres, Radioactive microspheres, Polymeric microspheres, Biodegradable polymeric microspheres, Synthetic polymeric microspheres and are prepared by methods like Spray Drying, Solvent Evaporation, Single emulsion technique, Double emulsion technique, Phase separation coacervation technique, Spray drying and spray congealing, Solvent extraction. Microspheres have wide range of applications because of controlled and sustained release. This article also focuses on the various drugs that can be formulated into microspheres for controlled and sustained release.