Pyogenic Liver Abscess : Revisiting With New Pattern


  • Mriganka Ghosh Associate Professor, Dept. Of General Surgery,Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata,India
  • Soumita Ghosh Sen Gupta Associate Professor, Department of Pathology ,College of Medicine & Sagore Dutta Hospital,Kolkata,India
  • Suman Saha Assistant Professor, Dept. Of General Surgery,Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata,India


Pyogenic liver abscess, treatment , percutaneous methods.


Introduction :Pyogenic liver abscess is a typical tropical disease which is mostly polymicrobial and pain abdomen and systemic symptoms like weakness and anorexia and fever are common modes of presentation. With the changing demographic pattern, new and effective modes of treatment has also evolved .Presently, image guided minimally invasive needle aspiration or indwelling catheter placement and drainage is best option for its resolution, making conventional surgery the last resort in failed cases .Methods & materials : We selected 50 patients with radiological proof of simple uncomplicated pyogenic liver abscess and put them into two modes of management ,i.e. percutaneous needle aspiration and pigtail catheter drainage and analysed all the findings with modern statistical gadgets.Results : We found male preponderance even in the changing pattern in incidence with good results in both techniques ,i.e. 96% in pigtail drainage and 79% in needle aspiration. Conclusion Percutaneous Catheter drainage is definitely superior modality but can be reserved for large cavity while Needle aspiration can be equally effective in small and multiple non communicating abscess cavities with liquefied contents.




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