Diurnal Variation of Leucocyte count in different Phases of Menstrual Cycle


  • Sesha Pavani Gutti Tutor ,Department of Physiology, Sri Balaji Medical College Renigunta, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Madhav P Assistant Professor,Department of Pharmacology, Apollo Medical College, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • A Chandra Shekar Professor and HOD Department of Physiology, Sri Balaji Medical College, Renigunta, Andhra Pradesh,India


Leucocyte count, Menstruation, absolute neutrophil count, absolute eosinophil count , absolute lymphocyte count.


Objectives:1.To compare leukocyte count and types of leucocytes on day 2,12 and 22nd day of the menstrual cycle 2.To study the diurnal changes in different types of leucocyte. Materials and methods:Permission from medical ethical committee of institute is obtained to select the subjects for the study.Subjects:The present study was conducted on twelve healthy women in their reproductive age group who volunteeredfor the study and having regular menstrual cycles.Inclusion criteria:All the 12 subjects that were chosen are having regular menstrual period of 21-30 days.Exclusion criteria:Subjects with anemia,endocrinal, gynecological and hemostaticdisorders are excluded.The parameters analyzed were total leukocyte count , absolute neutrophil count, absolute eosinophil count , absolute lymphocyte count , absolute monocyte count.Results:The present study is carried out in women aged 20 to 22 years. All have reproductive cycles with duration of 28 days. As the range is narrow mean, standard deviation values are not done According to table I total leucocyte count is done on day 2,12 and 22ndof menstrual cycle .Four samples are collected at 6:00am ,12:00 pm, and 12:00am. The mean values of these samples on 2 and 12th day are compared by statistical analysis.805625±783.04 and 9293.75±1099.59 and P value indicates significant and total leucocyte count is low on 2nd day. In the same way the mean, standard deviation and t values are calculated and compared between 12 and 22 day.Conclusion:It is clearly indicated that the total leucocyte count is increased during luteal phase of menstrual cycle. In the same way diurnal variations of total leucocytes count are observed , the count is high in evening time and less in morning time. This follows the cortisol rhythm and variation may be due to it. The changes in menstrual cycle indicates alterationin immune response and may be due to the estrogen-progesterone secretions in different phases of menstrual cycle.




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