Mesh fixation with fibrin glue in Lichtenstein Hernioplasty


  • Shabana J Thaha Junior Resident, General Surgery, ESIC MC & PGIMSR, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru,India
  • Hemanth S Ghalige Assistant Professor, General Surgery, ESIC MC & PGIMSR,Rajajinagar,Bengaluru,India
  • Mahanth H M Assistant Professor, General Surgery, Raja Rajeswari Medical College, Bengaluru,India
  • Satyanarayan V Professor, General Surgery, ESIC MC & PGIMSR,Rajajinagar,Bengaluru,India
  • Vinod Ingale Junior Resident, General Surgery, ESIC MC & PGIMSR,Rajajinagar,Bengaluru,India
  • Dhananjaya BM Senior Resident, General Surgery, BGS GIMS,Bengaluru,India


Fibrin glue, Lichtenstein hernioplasty. chronic groin pain


Introduction: The surgical treatment of inguinal hernias has evolved through several stages to reach a modern and successful era. Inguinal hernia is dealt most commonly by Lichtenstein repair with advance in mesh properties and fixation, new procedures described. Present study undertaken to evaluate Fibrin Glue for fixation of Mesh in Lichtenstein hernia repair.Aim: To compare the Lichtenstein hernioplasty with conventional suture mesh fixation and fibrin glue fixation.Materials and methods:A prospective study over 2 years involving 72 cases with 2 Glue (G group) and Suture (S Group) had 36 patients each were analysed. Operative time, Post-operative pain using Sheffield scale. Time taken to return to their routine activities and total days of hospital stay and other complications of surgery were evaluated. Follow up examination was also planned for 6 months to look for early recurrence and chronic groin pain.Results: The operative time was 42.3 minutes in G group and that in S group was 54 minutes. There was no significant difference noted in terms of surgical complications such as hematoma, SSI, ecchymosis, testicular oedema. There was statistical significance in the total number of days stayed in hospital and the numbers of days patients gained to get back to their work and in the development of chronic groin pain.Conclusion: Glue fixation of mesh is easily reproducible and less time consuming surgery technique and took lesser time than suture fixation of mesh. The chronic groin pain was absent in glue group and the patients in glue group could gain hospital stay days and easier return to their respective profession as compared to those in suture group. Early return to work and decreased chronic groin pain were advantages for the patient under glue fixation.




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Thaha, S. J., Ghalige, H. S., H M, M., V, S., Ingale, V., & BM, D. (2021). Mesh fixation with fibrin glue in Lichtenstein Hernioplasty. International Journal of Health and Clinical Research, 4(6), 140–144. Retrieved from