Bedwetting in adolescent girls staying at residential school


  • Shyam Mohan 3rd year Resident in mch Urology , KLE University, Belgaum,India
  • RB Nerli Department of Urology, KLE University, Belgaum,India
  • Shridhar Ghagane Department of Urology, KLE University, Belgaum,India
  • Shreya Bose Department of Pathology, KLE University, Belgaum,India


Attention deficit hyperactive disorder; Nocturnal enuresis; Scholastic performance


Background and objectives:Nocturnal enuresis (NE) is a common, yet underreported problem among school children which has an impact on the child’s psychology causing anxiety and social stigma. Nocturnal enuresis is classified as primary or secondary and monosymptomatic or non monosymptomatic. It can be the presenting symptom of urinary tract infection, underlying neurological disorder (spina bifida, epilepsy), vesicoureteric reflux, posterior urethral valve or diabetes mellitus. Thus, the present study was undertaken to assess the bedwetting among the girls during a routine school annual health check-up.Methodology:This study was conducted as a part of routine annual health check-up of girls staying in a residential school by a female physician. A detailed history regarding bedwetting was noted and physical examination was done in children with complaints of bedwetting. The children were evaluated regarding the risk factors associated with NE and scholastic performance as well as stress and the stigma associated with it on an outpatient department basis and were asked to follow up in a bed wetting clinic in our hospital.Results:A total of 342 girls of a residential school underwent heath check-up for general fitness conducted by the physicians of our hospital. History of NE was noted in 37 girls (10.82%). Most of the girls (62.16%) had secondary NE and 37.84% had primary NE. The diagnosis of NE was common among the girls aged 12 years (40.54%) and the mean age was 12.00±1.40 years. Most of the girls reported symptoms of constipation (48.65%). Eighteen girls had symptoms suggestive of attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and stress due to NE was noted in 40.54% of the girls. Furthermore, 13 (35.14%) girls were average performers.Conclusion and interpretation:Nocturnal enuresis is a significant paediatric health problem and there is high prevalence of monosymptomatic NE in school going girls. Further it is affects the scholastic performance of the child and also likely to induce stress.




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