Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice of pharmacovigilance among healthcare professionals


  • Majid Farooq Senior Resident, Department of Pharmacology , Sher-i -kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Medical College, Bemina , Srinagar,India
  • Anna Javed Demonstrator, Department of Pharmacology , Govt Medical College, Jammu,India
  • Iramkah kashan Senior Resident, Department of Pharmacology, Skims Medical College ,Bemina,Srinagar,India
  • Semira Imran Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology , Skims medical College , Bemina,Srinagar,India


Adverse drug reactions,Pharmacovigilance programme, health care professionals


Background:All health-care professionals including doctors, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists and even consumers can voluntarily report an ADR. The present study was conducted to assess knowledge and attitude of pharmacovigilance among healthcare professionals.Materials & Methods: 120 healthcare professionals which comprised of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists of both genders were subjected to questionnaire comprised of 14 questions in 6 related to knowledge, 4 related to attitude, and 4 related to practice. Results: There were 21 male and 36 female doctors, 16 male and 18 female nurses and 13 male and 16 female pharmacists. What of Pharmacovigilance, in this 65% replied correct and 35% incorrect, what is role of pharmacovigilance, in this 79% replied correct and 21% incorrect, ADR reporting is professional obligation 75% replied correct and 25% incorrect, 70% correctly answered regarding which healthcare professional is responsible for ADR reporting, 78% had correct idea regarding pharmacovigilance programme and 45% replied correctly regarding which body is responsible for monitoring ADR. 91% replied correct regarding essentiality of ADR reporting, 86% replied correct that pharmacovigilance programme should be taught in detail, 90% had read about ADR and 70% had correct opinion about opening ADR monitoring centre. The difference was significant (P< 0.05).
Conclusion: The actual practice of ADR reporting is deficient among health care professionals.




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