Assessment of Role of alcohol in Road Traffic Accidents: An epidemiological study


  • Rinki Kalra Assistant Professor,Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology,Prasad Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow,India


Road traffic accidents, Alcohol


Background:Alcohol (ethanol) is a widespread euphoriant and acts as a central nervous system depressant. Most of the deaths due to road traffic accidents (RTIs) have occurred in low and middle-income countries. Hence; the present study was undertaken for assessing role of alcohol in road traffic accident cases in a known population. Materials & methods:A total of 200 cases of road traffic accidents were analysed during the study period. Only those cases were enrolled which were victim of road traffic accidents. Ethical approval was obtained from institutional ethical committee and written consent was obtained. A Performa was made and detailed demographic history of all the patients was recorded. Habit history was also noted separately.Results:In 74.5 percent of the patients, speed of the vehicle was within the speed limit. While analysing the correlation of speeding range of vehicle of victim at the time of accident and Alcohol history of victims at the time of accident, it was seen that alcohol led to significant increase in incidence of over speeding of the vehicle.Conclusion: Alcohol is a significant risk factor for road traffic accidents.




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