Assessing role of chest radiography in management of COVID- 19 pneumonia


  • A Antony Jean MBBS, MDRD, Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Dhanlakshmi, Srinivasan Medical College & Hospital, Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, India
  • K. Karthikeyan Assistant Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Dhanlakshmi Srinivasan Medical College and Hospital, Siruvachur, Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Ajit Kumar Reddy HOD,Department of Medical Imaging, Hosmat Hospitals Private Limited,India
  • Annitha Elavarasi J Consultant Radiologist, Department of Medical Imaging Hosmat Hospitals Private Limited,India


Chest X-ray, Pneumonia, Lung, CT scan


Aim: Role of chest radiography in management of COVID- 19 pneumonia.Materials & Methods:Forty- six patients who tested rtPCR positive for SARS COV2 of both genders were included. Chest X-rays were obtained. The progression, regression of abnormalities, number of days to reach progression, number of days to regression either from initial X-ray or after peak of progression was also recorded.Results:Maximum cases were seen in age group 50-60 years (males- 8, females- 7) followed by 40-50 years (males- 7, females- 5), >60 years (males- 5, females- 4), 30-40 years (males- 4, females- 3) and 20-30 years (male- 1, females- 3). Normal X- ray were observed in 13 (28.2%) patients, abnormal x- ray in 33 (71.8%), x-ray showing only peripheral opacities in 16 (34.7%), x-ray showing both central and peripheral opacities in 30 (65.3%), x-ray showing haziness (GGO) in 14 (30.4%), x-ray showing consolidation in 32 (69.2%). Left lung involvement was seen in 7 (15.2%), right lung involvement in 11 (24%) and bilateral lung involvement in 28 (60.8%) patients. Total HRCT was done in 25 (54.3%), out of which abnormal HRCT was seen in 40 (86.9%), abnormal X-ray abnormal HRCT in 32 (80%) and normal x-ray abnormal HRCT in 8 (20%). A significant difference as observed (P< 0.05) Conclusion:Chest X-ray is an important diagnostic aid in the detection and management of Covid-19 pnuemonia.




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A Antony Jean, K. Karthikeyan, Ajit Kumar Reddy, & Annitha Elavarasi J. (2021). Assessing role of chest radiography in management of COVID- 19 pneumonia. International Journal of Health and Clinical Research, 4(12), 255–257. Retrieved from