Qualitative analysis of multiple choice questions in Department of Anatomy


  • Soniya Arun Kumar Gupta Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy,Rama Medical College, Hapur ,U.P,India
  • Tanya Agarwal Associate Professor, Department Of Anatomy,Rama Medical College, Hapur U.P,India
  • Tarsem Kumar Assistant professor Department of Anatomy,Govt.Medical College ,Kathuaj&k,India
  • Ujwal Gajbe Professor & Head, Department of Anatomy, JNMC,Rama Medical College, Hapur (U.P),India




Introduction: Multiple choice questions are the most frequently used assessment methods in the Medical colleges. It can be used for assessment of higher levels of cognitive domain, if constructed properly. Each MCQ or item is made up of a stem and incorrect responses or distracters. Objective:Main objective of this study is to analyze items given in formative assessment of the Anatomy department using different statistical indices.Methodology:fifty multiple choice questions from 5 PCTs of 150 students of 2017-18 batch were selected using systematic random sampling for the same. Items were analysed using the formulae and microsoft excel.Result:In the present study, total 30 items are found to be ideal with acceptable difficulty index, acceptable discrimination index &atleast 66% distractor effectiveness.Weak positive correlation is found between difficulty index & discrimination index. Out of total 150 distracters, 13 distracters are found to be non-functional, 8 items with 1 nonfunctional distractor (NFD), 1 item with 2 NFD & 1 item with 3 NFDs have been observed. Conclusion:Ideal items are preserved for the departmental question bank for future use and items with some flaws are rectified and those with no possible corrections are discarded.




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Soniya Arun Kumar Gupta, Tanya Agarwal, Tarsem Kumar, & Ujwal Gajbe. (2021). Qualitative analysis of multiple choice questions in Department of Anatomy. International Journal of Health and Clinical Research, 4(12), 315–318. Retrieved from https://ijhcr.com/index.php/ijhcr/article/view/1970