Pattern of Breast Fibroadenoma in females and its Clinical Approach: An Observational Study


  • Rajnikant K Sanghvi Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, American International Institute of Medical Sciences, Kothibagh, Udaipur Telangana, India


Breast Tumor, Fibroadenoma, Benign Lesions, Knowledge.


Introduction: Comprehensive studies describing the histologic features of fibroadenomas are not available in literature. If hyperplasia behaves in a similar way as in the otherwise normal breast, it may contribute to the higher risk of subsequent invasive breast carcinoma. Hence the aim of this study was to make a thorough inventory of the histologic features of the epithelium and stroma within breast fibroadenomas in a large group of cases. Materials & Methods: The present study was a comparative prospective study done from April 2021 to October 2021 in the department of general surgery at American International Institute of Medical Sciences, Kothibagh, Udaipur. A total of hundered patients suspected of benign breast diseases were included in the study. After initial evaluation of the patient in the OPD of medical hospital, by senior residents of general surgery, patients with features suggestive of Benign Breast Diseases were subjected to a detailed history and clinical examination. Results: The youngest patients were of age 16 years diagnosed with fibroadenoma and the oldest patient was of age 40 years. The mean age of th patients with fibroadenoma was found to be 24 years. Majority of the lumps 76.19% had a size of 2 to 5 cms. The largest lump in the fibroadenoma group was seen in a 16 years old girl with 8x5 cms. Selected cases of fibroadenoma of 2-3 cms in size were reassured and asked for regular follow-up. Discussion & Conclusion: It has been known for many years that some benign breast lesions are more highly associated with breast cancer than others. In this study the types of benign breast lesions were recorded and the study has shown that benign breast lesions are common in our environment and the age incidence of benign breast lesions peaks in 2nd and third decade and with few exceptions our data was comparable to other studies on breast lesions.




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