Treatment options for recurrent rhinoorbital cerebral mucormycosis – A study on 50 cases


  • Perla Ambika Assistant Professor, Department of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery, Gandhi Medical College/ Gandhi Hospital, Telangana, India




Background: Mucormycosis also called as zygomycosis infection caused by infection with fungi belonging to the order of mucorales. Infection itself is life threatening and in recurrence it is more worse prognosis, risk factors for ROMM are diabetes mellitus, pancytopenia, immune compramised individuals .At present scenario recurrence of ROMM is due to lack of awareness in using treatment available for ROMM and also resistant nature of fungi. Aim: To know the various treatment modalities available for recurrent ROMM (medical,surgical), to see the most curable treatment option to avoid repeated recurrence ,to see the commonest presenting symptoms and signs of ROMM. Materials and methods: 50 cases of previously treated ROMM cases (medical or surgical) were taken into study with symptoms of recurrent ROMM sent for radiological and dental examination according to the need came to one treatment conclusion and patients were hospitalized and treated accordingly with various treatment options as per patient need .Patients attending to Gandhi hospital ENT OPD after completion of Covid 2nd wave over a period of 4 months consequently taken for study’. Observations and results: It is a hospital based study conducted in Gandhi hospital, ENT department, sample size is 50, most common cause for recurrence is diabetes and immune compramised status, resistant nature of fungi to multimodality of treatment, as per this study most common treatment option is medical (oral posaconazole, inj. Liposomal amphotericin B), antifungals, most curable treatment option for recurrence is surgical(FESS with maxillectomy, debridmant). Conclusion: Study conducted over a period of 4 months in patients with recurrent ROMM symptoms, out of 50 sample >50% were previously surgically treated during the 2nd wave of covid 19(black fungus period) conclusions are male predominance,diabetics,40-60 age ,necrotic bone and pus discharge ,loose tooth are presenting complaints, radiologically positive, common treatment option is medical oral posaconazole, surgical FESS with maxillectomy, Debridment, Plain FESS.




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